Super Sale Korea + Soyanggang Sky Walk & Everland: Enjoy a Fun Vacation with Singapore Airlines!


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2/4/20242 min read

Hi, travelers! Are you looking for an unforgettable and exciting vacation? If so, then we have the perfect holiday package for you! The Super Sale Korea + Soyanggang Sky Walk & Everland is a 7-day 4-night vacation package that will take you to explore 5 beautiful cities in South Korea with comfortable flights on Singapore Airlines.

In this holiday package, you will enjoy various facilities and exciting experiences. Departures are available on April 21, 28, May 4, 19, August 10, 17, 2024. So, choose the date that suits your schedule the best!

Destinations and Facilities

This holiday package includes comfortable 3-star accommodations for 7 days 4 nights in South Korea. You will visit various attractions such as Soyanggang Sky Walk, Everland Theme Park, Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, BTS MV shooting places, Coex Mall, Starfield Library, Kimchi Making & Hanbok Experience.

Soyanggang Sky Walk is a stunning destination with beautiful views and a glass bridge hanging over a gorge. Experience the sensation of walking in the sky and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Everland Theme Park is the largest amusement park in South Korea. Enjoy various thrilling rides, exciting shows, and don't miss the thrilling attractions in Zootopia and Lost Valley.

Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a view of history and stunning architecture. Explore the beautiful fortress walls and feel the atmosphere of the past that still lingers today.

BTS MV shooting places are perfect destinations for BTS fans. Visit the locations where their music videos were filmed and experience being part of the BTS world.

Coex Mall is the largest shopping center in Seoul. Discover various famous brands, delicious restaurants, and don't miss the beautiful Starfield Library inside.

Kimchi Making & Hanbok Experience is a unique cultural experience where you can learn to make kimchi, one of Korea's traditional foods, and try wearing hanbok, traditional Korean clothing.

Additionally, this holiday package also includes travel insurance to ensure your safety and comfort during the trip.

Price and Booking

The price of the Super Sale Korea + Soyanggang Sky Walk & Everland package starts from Rp. 17,888,000. This price includes flights with Singapore Airlines, 3-star accommodation, various exciting destinations and experiences, and travel insurance.

For booking and more information, please contact your nearest travel agent or visit our website. Don't miss the opportunity to visit South Korea and create beautiful memories during your vacation!

Thank you for choosing us as your travel partner. Have a great vacation!